Kodra Fresh 2016

This year’s theme focuses on the creative relationship between man and urban space, as a field of opportunities and interaction. The city, a material environment defined by institutional authorities, works as a factor that molds man’s practices, largely imposing given norms which are reproduced in everyday life. However, man’s inherent creativity can never be completely tamed by authority. Where there is authority, there is also resistance. To the extent that every person has a certain degree of authority, they have some degree of potency, too, that allows them to produce tactics. Such tactics are anonymous, for they are silenced by public representations and they assume the form of everyday, small scale practices.

Under the current circumstances of intensifying crisis, new institutional structures are pressing towards the multiplication of the phenomena of transition, exchange and interpenetration, destabilizing given certitudes along with our relationship with the material environment. The destabilization of our notion of space and its materiality multiplies the opportunities for an opening of urban space towards unanticipated performances and uses thereof in everyday life. Contrived practices permeate the spatial planning diagram of the city causing a crack to the urban and social space. The “in-between space” underway constitutes a gap to the place of dictated orderliness where multiple places are organized and are mainly marked by the invisible and ineffable. The emerging condition favours the possibility of moving through an ever increasing number of places in progress where one maneuvers within the contradiction between the visible and institutionalized and the invisible and anonymous.